About ACSD

ACSD is a Fully Tax-Exempt 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit: <State> <Fed>

Our Mission

The Allied Climbers of San Diego (ACSD) is an environmentally responsible membership-based climbers’ advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining access to climbing and outdoor recreation. We are a California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation which acts as a collective voice for balanced access rights of outdoor enthusiasts in and surrounding the San Diego region.


As a membership-based climbers’ advocacy organization, ACSD’s members are critical in bringing new ideas, questions, and issues to light. More members give ACSD more power and ability to accomplish our goals. Members enhance the organization by providing new and professional skills, and contacts with relevant agencies and experts. Members also volunteer for all types of roles, such as trail-work, restoration and cleanups, fundraising, and letter writing campaigns. Members who contribute to the organization through these efforts become the only members with voting rights during Board Officer Elections – thereby ensuring that those who take the time to roll up their sleeves are the same people who have the right to influence the direction of the organization.


Officers are both elected and appointed. Elected officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Appointed officers include the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Financial Officer (Executive Committee). Jointly, these officers carry out the day-to-day operations, reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

Elected Officers

President – Peter Minearo
Vice President – Chance Hawkins
Secretary – Emilia Mata Meyer
Treasurer – Joyce Tsai

Appointed Officers

Josh Higgins (CEO)
Kevin Dalfonzo (CIO)
Angie Egner (CFO)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting organizational policy and for managing operations. The Board upholds ACSD’s Mission Statement and adheres to its Bylaws when representing the interests of climbers in promoting and maintaining access to resources.

Lara Matuszewski
Adam Kimmerly
Johnnie Lyman
Tom Donnelly, Access Fund Liason

CJ Hutchens, Biologist
Coco Boyle, Marketing Manager
Elected Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer)
Appointed Officers (CEO, CIO, CFO)