Paint Free Santee


On Sunday Febuary 10, 2013 a large group of local climbers organized by ACSD member Josh Higgins, got together for the largest graffiti removal project to date. It was an amazing success and an excellent example of what can be accomplished when we work together as a community!

Mesa Rim: King Swing Fundraiser

Mesa Rim Climbing

When Mesa Rim came to us and offered to host a fundraiser, we were psyched. When they told us they wanted to hang a rope from the top of the lead cave, have people climb to the same height, then drop them, we thought “this is going to be AWESOME!”

And it was…

Putting ACSD On the Map: A short film about the Allied Climbers of San Diego


Who are the Allied Climbers of San Diego? Making sure local climbers, land managers, and our sponsors and partners can answer that question is essential to our success. To help accomplish that, ACSD Member and filmmaker Samuel Faniel stepped up and offered his expertise and the help of his film crew.

The final product presents the story of ACSD from the beginning, straight from the mouths of the founding members and other members who have since stepped up into leadership roles. Sit back, enjoy the show, find out how ACSD became a driving force supporting environmentally responsible recreation access, and learn how you can become a part of it.

We really can’t thank Samuel and his amazing film crew enough for the time and effort the put into creating this film. Thank you all for your support!

ACSD Partners With MTRP

Mission Trails Regional Park

Allied Climbers of San Diego (ACSD) and Mission Trails Regional Park have teamed up to provide clearer information on the Climbers’ Loop Trail in Mission Gorge.

Mission Trails rangers had posted signs prohibiting individuals from accessing many of the climbing routes. ACSD investigated and discovered that the purpose of the signs was to keep hikers off of dangerous terrain, but they were not meant to deter climbers from accessing the climbing routes. ACSD worked with the park to produce new signs which were then provided by ACSD to the park. These new signs now make it clear that climbing access is permitted in these areas. This project exemplifies how ACSD has been able to build strong relationships with local land managers and how ACSD uses its resources for the benefit of the local climbing community.

ACSD Members Clean Up Mt Woodson Graffiti

With a great deal if disappointment, local climbers and ACSD members noticed some new graffiti had shown up around the “Jaws” area of Mt Woodson. It wasn’t long before they started plotting a way to eradicate it. Led by Josh Higgins, they arranged permission from the land managers, got a key to the gate to haul water and supplies up the steep road with a vehicle, and acquired a bottle of a key ingredient from the ACSD supply cabinet – a biodegradable graffiti remover called Taginator.