2017 Updated Advisories

The following are the advisories currently in place for 2017:

Poway Crags

Ramona Wall and Miller Time Wall: Closed for active Golden Eagle nesting December 15th – August 31st.  Climbers have been seen out on the wall disturbing the eagles who are incubating eggs.  We have been contacted by Fish and Wildlife Service to help protect this nest and help it be successful.  Please help spread the word if you know anyone headed out there!

Eagle Peak & Corte Madera

Go Climb!  Advisory from March 1st – July 31st.  What does an “Advisory” mean?  Please minimize disturbance of birds.  If you see any raptors, or nests, or see the birds disturbed in a particular part of the crag please let ACSD know!  We help collect this data to distribute to the climbing community and land managers.


Closed for Golden Eagle December 15th – July 31st.

Mt Gower

No closure, please climb responsibly if you see raptors, or specifically a Golden Eagle.